For The Ladies: Talking Sports Like A Girl!

So who would I be to have a blog where I talk sports (and I'm a "girl") and not embrace that? And how much of a terrible person would I be to not share what I'm embracing with my fellow woman?

Ladies, I give you the official PNP Talking Sports Like A Girl tee!

Let's not act like someone's never said you do something like a girl i.e. you run like a girl, throw like a girl, etc. Well let's grab what we do (like a girl) by the stiletto! 

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So come on ladies, let's show them how good "Like A Girl" can really look!

Thursday Throw Down!

First of all let me start by saying (in case you don't follow me on Twitter) - I had my baby three weeks ago! She is beautiful and she's the greatest baby in the whole world (of course I would say that, she's mine)! My little Troy (yes, like Polamalu) is my heart! And in case you're wondering - yes I lost my baby weight, thanks for asking!

Anyway, I would like to point out if you caught the last post you would have seen that I called the NBA Finals exactly for what it was, Warriors in six! It was a very interesting series though. Two OT games, different stand out players throughout, a new MVP and a former MVP - it was great! Of course you have to applaud Andre Iguodala, the Finals MVP. He played an amazing series and season for that matter. 

I do want to say really quickly though - LeBron is great but he is pissing me off to avail lately. First, his give up method in game 6 (don't argue with me, he was 100% defeated). How can you say in an interview that you know you're the "best player in the world" and then you allow yourself to lay down and die. Then you go to a post game press conference and say you would rather not even make the playoffs anymore. That's giving up even more! Like what are you doing? What are you playing for? Yes, winning is the key and losing hurts but if you're just going to wave the white flag like that you should't even enter battle. 

Anyway, congrats to the Golden State Warriors!

Now on to something a little more serious. 

Last night, Dylan Roof walked into Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. He spent an hour with the 12 members inside during bible study and then he opened fire, killing 9 people. Now, they have caught Roof this morning in Shelby, NC but what I want to talk about are the reactions to what has happened and the press this has gotten. 

I have seen some pretty disturbing tweets and commentary that have ticked me off. Things like "If church members had weapons this wouldn't happen" or "Roof has black friends" or "How could the church members allow a stranger to sit with them for an hour and not be suspicious?"

So let's review a few things - a white male walks into a church full of black people and starts shooting (again after sitting with them for an hour). He reloaded his weapon five times - FIVE TIMES! But we're not supposed to call this a hate crime because he had black friends. He said to the people in the church that he was "there to shoot black people" and that they "had to go". But this isn't a hate crime?!? Please!

It's even been said that Roof has a criminal record and yet not once has he been referred to as a thug or a criminal or anything of that nature. The news even called him a boy - he's 21 years old!

It just amazes me that we as black people are every kind of thug, gangster, criminal, etc when something even as minimal as walking down the street in a strange neighborhood or having a pool party but when you shoot up a church or a movie theatre then you're a child and you probably have some sort of mental disease or handicap. 

What I do know is that something severe needs to happen to this "boy" and I pray that God has mercy on his poor soul (and anyone even slightly defending his at this point as well). 

My prayers go out to the city of Charleston, the church and the families affected by this tragedy. 

Monday Mash Up!

First and foremost, happy Memorial Day! Let us remember those who have served so that we could be free in this great country! Thank you!

Second, the NBA playoffs. I haven't said anything this entire time and I'm not even going to make it some long drawn out thing today. 

What I will say is that Atlanta and Houston are both playing like they're just ready to get it over with by now. Especially Houston. That disaster the other night - I had to fall asleep on it. Did they think it was some sort of summer league game? Were you playing pick up in the YMCA? 

And to me it's crazy because everyone was so upset that James Harden wasn't the MVP or that he didn't receive more votes and yet night after night Steph shows us why! And Houston obviously doesn't have an answer for it!

Now Atlanta. They're just simply being outplayed. No Kyrie and no Kevin Love - Shump, JR Smith and Dellevedova started stepping up. LeBron was something like 0-15 from the field last night and you would think that someone would capitalize on that - nope! And before someone starts whining, yes that Horford thing was some complete BS. Ejected? That was extreme. However, that's no real excuse for letting the lead go. Especially when three of the key players are "out" (being as though Bron played terribly in the beginning). 

So needless to say I'm going with a Cavs/Warriors finals. I'm really taking the Warriors in six. But if for whatever reason they allow it to go to seven games then the Cavs can take it. I don't really care either way though. 

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#PNPturnsTwo - Favorite Things Friday!

Well, today is the the day that Pumps And Penalties was born! I can't believe that it's been two years since I've started this wonderful site! I'm very happy to (still) be able to call this my own! I'm grateful for everyone who has taken the time to visit (whether once or all the time), anyone who has a shirt or button or whatever the case may be. There wouldn't be any PNP without you guys! (And here's all my pregnant glory basking in the moment!)

Anyway, since it's one of my favorite days (you know besides my actual birthday) and because of a conversation I had earlier today - I wanted to look at a few of my favorite sports films. Well, really just some 30 for 30 or ESPN films. And we will call today "Favorite Things Friday"!

First, the 30 for 30 film June 17, 1994. This is (arguably) one of the biggest days in sports history! Arnold Palmer played his last round in the U.S. Open, the FIFA World Cup kicked off, the New York Rangers celebrated their Stanley Cup, game 5 of the NBA Finals with the Knicks and the Rockets and who could leave out that white Ford Bronco in Los Angeles!

This film was pretty great to me as it featured absolutely no narration like most documentaries do. It's just clips from all of the different events that happened that day (two days before my birthday might I add). It's crazy because you see tremendous highs with all of the celebrations, you see bittersweet moments with careers ending and then....that dang Ford Bronco! It's crazy to see how many historic things can/did happen that day. 

Second, another 30 for 30 film Benji. This is probably my No. 1 favorite! The story of the a great player that was benched too early. Honestly, I didn't even know about this story until I saw the film. 

Ben Wilson seemed to have a promising future ahead of him on the court. He was the No. 1 recruit, the star of his team at Simeon (where D. Rose and Jabari Parker attended as well), just a greta hope for Chicago in 1984. Benji was murdered right before his senior season was to start and it took a major toll on the city. Although very sad, it is a very touching story of a young man that played an important role in a city that seemed to be breaking down due to violence and drugs. 

Last but not least, ESPN Film The Fab Five. Anyone that knows me knows I could probably watch this documentary everyday. The commentary alone always has me dying of laughter. 

I mean, unless you live under a rock I'm sure you know about the 5 freshman phonemes that rocked the University of Michigan in the 90s. Baggy shorts, black socks, "shocking the world", the time out heard 'round the world. It's just great. But everyone does;t know what was going on behind the scenes with the team. Different scandals including drugs, racist behavior toward the team, booster problems, etc. Just shows you of course there's always more to the story than what's on the surface.

Anyway, as I mentioned before I'm so grateful for you guys visiting PNP. I couldn't keep writing posts if it wasn't for you all. (Well I could write them but what would be the point)

In honor of #PNPturnsTwo make sure you visit the PNP Store and Sponsor pages today!

#NotInSports: Baby Things

Well, I wanted to write a post on this lovely Friday, but there's nothing sports related I felt was important enough for me to use up blog space on. So here's some baby stuff for you all today!

With just "5 weeks" left until my due date (even though I really think it's like 3 weeks) I've been doing some "nesting" while I'm on maternity leave. Some of it is minute but it's so exciting because i know there will be a baby here basking in all the stuff we've been doing. 

The most recent thing I've done is put together our 4moms rockaRoo! This thing is ah-may-zing! When I saw it in Babies R Us I was so excited and I just knew I needed (well my daughter) needed to have it. Obviously it rocks back and forth but what's cool about it to me is that I can plug any iPod or MP3 up to it to play music (or my new favorite thing: white noise). There's a few different models that you can get but since I don't get paid to advertise for these people I'll just say go see it at Target, Babies R Us or buybuyBaby for yourself. Hopefully my daughter likes it because I'm definitely sticking her in it every single chance I get! I can promise you that!

The other two "major" things I've done lately was pack my hospital bag and wash all her new clothes. Now, let me be the first to say I was procrastinating on packing my hospital bag for a while but now that I've done it I swear it's all I think about. I read so many articles and talked to so many people about what to pack, it was so hard! And I still feel like I'm missing stuff but I don't want to overpack because then I'll be upset. 

And let me tell you something else - baby clothes are so cute, until you have to wash them and separate them! Ugh! I hate doing my own laundry (I leave that for hubby because he just HAS to wash clothes every three days or so (cause he has OCD but don't tell him I told you))! And since we don't know how big or small she'll be when she's born it's like man do we keep all of these clothes, what do we get rid of, what if she can't wear any of this stuff ever? So many things to think about! 

As I mentioned earlier, we're coming up on the due date faster than my mind can handle right now and there are a few other things I want/need to do. Little spoiled child has her own bathroom already (can't even wash herself)! We have all kinds of cute baby soaps and lotions and towels and robes to set up for her. Probably need to take the car seat out of the box at some point, you know just in case she decides to make an appearance and then we don't have a way to get her home. Then there's the stroller, pack and play, organizing the kitchen with nursing stuff, etc. 

I will say the one thing I need to stop doing is shopping! is really my best friend and it's terrible. I just order stuff all day long and then I'm at home waiting on the UPS or the post office to deliver. (Don't tell my husband though, ha!) But I'm adding to my own demise because I keep bringing stuff in the house that later I'll have to organize. Yes, I have a problem. I can admit it. 

Well anyway, hopefully something interesting enough for me in sports happens soon because if not there will be more and more baby posts. And I don't know how interesting they'll be before my daughter actually gets here. But thanks for reading anyway!