#NotInSports: Baby Things

Well, I wanted to write a post on this lovely Friday, but there's nothing sports related I felt was important enough for me to use up blog space on. So here's some baby stuff for you all today!

With just "5 weeks" left until my due date (even though I really think it's like 3 weeks) I've been doing some "nesting" while I'm on maternity leave. Some of it is minute but it's so exciting because i know there will be a baby here basking in all the stuff we've been doing. 

The most recent thing I've done is put together our 4moms rockaRoo! This thing is ah-may-zing! When I saw it in Babies R Us I was so excited and I just knew I needed (well my daughter) needed to have it. Obviously it rocks back and forth but what's cool about it to me is that I can plug any iPod or MP3 up to it to play music (or my new favorite thing: white noise). There's a few different models that you can get but since I don't get paid to advertise for these people I'll just say go see it at Target, Babies R Us or buybuyBaby for yourself. Hopefully my daughter likes it because I'm definitely sticking her in it every single chance I get! I can promise you that!

The other two "major" things I've done lately was pack my hospital bag and wash all her new clothes. Now, let me be the first to say I was procrastinating on packing my hospital bag for a while but now that I've done it I swear it's all I think about. I read so many articles and talked to so many people about what to pack, it was so hard! And I still feel like I'm missing stuff but I don't want to overpack because then I'll be upset. 

And let me tell you something else - baby clothes are so cute, until you have to wash them and separate them! Ugh! I hate doing my own laundry (I leave that for hubby because he just HAS to wash clothes every three days or so (cause he has OCD but don't tell him I told you))! And since we don't know how big or small she'll be when she's born it's like man do we keep all of these clothes, what do we get rid of, what if she can't wear any of this stuff ever? So many things to think about! 

As I mentioned earlier, we're coming up on the due date faster than my mind can handle right now and there are a few other things I want/need to do. Little spoiled child has her own bathroom already (can't even wash herself)! We have all kinds of cute baby soaps and lotions and towels and robes to set up for her. Probably need to take the car seat out of the box at some point, you know just in case she decides to make an appearance and then we don't have a way to get her home. Then there's the stroller, pack and play, organizing the kitchen with nursing stuff, etc. 

I will say the one thing I need to stop doing is shopping! Target.com is really my best friend and it's terrible. I just order stuff all day long and then I'm at home waiting on the UPS or the post office to deliver. (Don't tell my husband though, ha!) But I'm adding to my own demise because I keep bringing stuff in the house that later I'll have to organize. Yes, I have a problem. I can admit it. 

Well anyway, hopefully something interesting enough for me in sports happens soon because if not there will be more and more baby posts. And I don't know how interesting they'll be before my daughter actually gets here. But thanks for reading anyway!



You know, pregnancy really is different type of experience. Especially when there's a person balled up in your ribs with the hiccups and there's nothing you can do about it. 

Anyway, time for Tuesday Tidbits! 

So first, congratulations to Stephen Curry for being the NBA's Most Valuable Player this season. But I mean, were we surprised? You shouldn't have been. I've been saying since about All-Star Weekend that Curry IS the MVP. A lot of people wanted to put James Harden above Babyface Steph - it sounded good but no. 

Let's be real, who was thinking about the Warriors prior to (maybe) the last two or so seasons? Who carried said team to a club record AND beat their own 3-pointers in a season? Who's more fun to watch? 

It wasn't even a close race either, that's what's funny to me. 1198 total points with 100 of the 130 first-place votes...yeah. And now the only thing Steph needs to be 3 for 3 like Magic Johnson is to win a championship this season (he's won the MVP and led a 65-win team in scoring). 

So again, congrats Babyface Assassin!

Next, Manny and his shoulder. Ugh! So after the "richest fight ever", that he lost, Pacman decided to come out and say that he actually has a torn rotator cuff and will have to have surgery. 

To let the story be told there was form that was to be filled out prior to the fight that would have stated that Manny had the injury and it was not completed. But then turned around on fight night and was asking for a shot to help ease the pain of the tear. 

To me it's all too convenient. Of course people are saying Mayweather would not have beaten Pac if he was "100%" (like any boxer is EVER 100%) but I believe that Manny STILL would have lost that fight. While I was completely bored with the actual fight because I wanted to see some blood (yeah, I wanted a brawl not a boxing match) anyone can see that Mayweather's defense completely overpowered Manny's offense. 

Because of all the hoopla over "the shoulder" Mayweather said that he would be willing to fight Manny again in a year or so once he's healed up. Needless to say I will NOT spend my good $100 dollars on that fight. And I'm interested to see what type of consequence Manny will face for this. They're talking fines or suspension. 

Well, that's all I have for you today good folks. Hopefully I can get back on a consistent schedule writing these things. With 5 weeks until my due date I won't make you any promises!

So About This Weekend...

So I've been owing you guys a post and you would think it would about sports - wrong! i have to tell you guys about my weekend. 

So I'm not even sure if I told you all that I'm having a baby. Sorry if I didn't, but now you know. So anyway, with having a baby comes a baby shower (you know and all that other crap like morning sickness and swollen feet). Anyway, so this baby shower that I've been thinking the entire time was April 18th was this past weekend! Imagine my surprise!

It was so nice too! To be surrounded by friends and family all wanting to celebrate our daughter. (Oh yeah, I guess I should've added I was having a girl too.) It was at this cute restaurant called Trio here in Charlotte and I had so much fun. Watching everyone play games (like see who can drink the most out of the baby bottle) and just fraternize with one another made me feel so good. 

Of course there were plenty of gifts, I mean what's a baby shower without gifts? It seems like we got everything it is we needed (crib, stroller, high chair, tubs, etc). I will say I wish we would've gotten some diapers and wipes but who am i to complain? (In case you're feeling generous feel free to send us some stuff!)

I was just so shocked that everyone had been able to keep this secret from me since before Christmas! Like who are you people? But it was great! They'll never get one over on me again for the rest of life, but it was so amazing! Even if it had been this Saturday (like I thought) I'm sure it would have been just as special. 


Now that it's over and I'm getting closer and closer to my due date (only 8 weeks left, yikes!) I have to really buckle down and get some stuff done. For starters, my hospital bag is completely empty! And now that we have all these gifts the nursery is a hot mess! But it's ok because I have her dad to help me (like he really had a choice in the matter)!

Well that's my weekend story. I'll get a sports post up soon. 


And Then There Were Four...

Down to the nitty-gritty here now you guys - the Final Four is upon us!

First, let me say that I was 100% sure that all of the No. 1 seeds were NOT going to make it to this point (and shame on you if you thought they were)! Second, let me say that I am absolutely salty that Louisville let me down (go back to the Yum Yum Center boys) because I had so much faith that they would make it here and they didn't. My bracket thanks you, not!

Anyway, we have Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Duke. 

Up to this point I really thought that Kentucky was going to breeze through this tournament without a problem. So I was wrong (you'll probably never hear that from a woman again, ha). Notre Dame really almost put the Wildcats to bed the other night. And had the Irish not used that last timeout so early and/or Grant not taken that terrible shot with three defenders around him we may be discussing them and not Kentucky. But we're not. 

Again, anyway, Kentucky is a team that can be defeated and we saw that the other night (and several other times this season) but it seems as though their opponents are always running out of gas in the last 3 minutes. But if Kentucky plays the way they did against Notre Dame - Wisconsin will be in the championship and they will have that one loss lingering over them FOR-EV-ER!

On the other side, Sam Dekker has been playing phenomenally and if someone doesn't put the lid on him - the Badgers are going to the big show. And Wisconsin has other players that Kentucky should worry about as well - Frank Kaminsky, Nigel Hayes, Treason Jackson, just to name a few. And with the slow style of play it could go either way honestly. My bracket is pulling for Kentucky though, duh!

Now with Duke and Michigan State - my bracket says Duke but we can't think of the Spartans as an underdog per se. Izzo has those young men on a momentum high. I mean who thought the No. 7 seed was going to make it this far really? And then even beating teams like Virginia, Oklahoma and Louisville (that all had Final Four potential). Duke has a great offensive set on their side but the Michigan State defense has answer for that from what I can see. As the coach in my favorite movie says "Offense sells tickets but defense wins games" (that's Love and Basketball for all those that may be lost). 

Anyway, I'm 3 for 4 in the Final Four and I really want the championship to be Kentucky/Duke as i predicted but I honestly think, for the sake of excitement, I would be ok with any outcome. 

It's The Most Wonderful Time...

It's here, it's here! You guys don't even know - this is like Christmas in March for me! #MarchMadness is here!

So first thing, you guys have to join the #PNPBracketChallenge! Of course you're doing a bracket - I know people who don't watch basketball at all that do brackets, it's that real! Why not enter your bracket into the challenge for a chance to win some great prizes? It's free AND you can win a prize? Need I say more?

There will be two winners just like last year: first place will win their choice a PNP Variety Pack or a PNP t-shirt and a $25 Nike gift card. Second place will receive copies of ESPN Films: The Announcement and ESPN 30 for 30 Bad Boys. You can enter the challenge --->here<--- up until Thursday at tip-off!

Now, with the tournament starting I also wanted to add what I think is going to happen of course. I have Kentucky winning - duh!

Honestly, yes they're perfect record coming into the tournament helps me make this decision but it's really the consistency of the team. I don't see any other team being as consistent as the Wildcats. Yes, we've seen them ALMOST lose a few games but the only team I honestly feel like can give them a run for their money is Duke (sorry not sorry). 

I do think Wisconsin is a big factor this year as well but I just don't have them getting over on Kentucky. So my Final Four teams are Kentucky, Wisconsin, Duke and I'm calling probably a super upset and going with Louisville. Tell me who your Final Four teams are?