Two "Wrongs"...

Eric Garner. Michael Brown.

Derrick Rose. The St. Louis Rams. 

By now we've all heard about the officers involved in the killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown not being indicted. We've heard about the protests of the decisions and the support of the officers. I'm not here to talk about race or if I think the jury was right or wrong. I do want to look at a few things though. 

So, two weeks ago officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. We've been constantly hearing about the violent protests in Missouri and other places. Setting things on fire, looting, etc. But let's talk about a more "peaceful" type of support I've seen. 

A few players of the St. Louis Rams came out of the tunnel last week with their hands raised in the air which we all know to the the signal for "Don't Shoot". This same gesture can be seen in the video of Michael Brown's last moments. Now these players did't say anything. They didn't sit the game out. They weren't on the street setting things on fire. They simply raised their hands - in support. 

Now, there are a few people a bit upset about this. Police committees, fans, commentators, etc. They even want these players to be punished in some sort of way. Suspend them from games. So, you want these players to not be able to play because they are supporting a protest? Because they feel that something was wrong and unjust? Did someone tell the people that helped raise money for the officer (when he was suspended WITH pay) that they weren't allowed to work? You're allowed to support a cause but because they are people that we deem as famous they can't do the same without some sort of punishment?

A bit more recently, Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose warmed up in a black t-shirt with the words "I Can't Breathe" on the front. These words can be heard on the video of Eric Garner being choked by an officer before losing his life. Rose didn't say anything during the warm-up, didn't speak to reporters after the game. Just wore his shirt and went on about his business. 

Now here's the thing that gets me. People are coming out and saying that Rose wore the shirt but is not smart enough to articulate why and probably doesn't even know why. Before I continue allow me to say - anyone that knows me knows that I loathe nothing more than for D. Rose to open his mouth and speak. I believe that the school system failed him as a student because he is certainly not the brightest bulb lighting up the basketball court. But how can anyone believe that something as powerful as that phrase on a shirt be something that even Rose doesn't understand? In the midst of all that is happening you think he bought that shirt for style? 

In both situations I really believe that all of these athletes have it right. You don't have to be loud and acting crazy to get a point across. A silent supporter can do just as much as a violent one. And I think Magic Johnson hit the nail right on the head recently. 

"They have to get involved socially, They have to because it affects them, too. And it affects their families. They grew up in these situations; they must not forget that. They [were] once poor, they went to inner-city schools that didn't have technology or computers, they didn't have good books. See, I went through that whole situation. They went through that as well. A lot of their cousins are still going through that, so they must not forget that. I hope that they would do more."

What really grinds my gears is that people being upset that these players are showing support is really how all of this started. Some sort of inequality. Some people can do something and get away with it - others can't. 

Celebrating Black Friday!

Well you guys, I'm back!

Oh, how I have actually really really missed PNP! But again, I'm back and I promise to stay on top of it in a a better way this time. No sports this time around but stay tuned, I'll get you guys something sooner rather later. 

As you can see, I've made some slight changes to the site but there's still a few bugs to get worked out and it'll be that much better! But I couldn't wait to get back at it again so you guys just read on while I get those little kinks all ironed out!

Anyway, I just wanted to make a slight appearance as a Black Friday treat for you kids (and this one is free so you gotta love it)! I'll be rolling out some more t-shirts, maybe some stickers and hopefully (and if I pray hard enough for patience) I can find a contributing writer this year. We'll see about that last one though. 

Well, feel free to at least browse the "older" content and let me know if there's anything specific you want me to touch on coming up in the future!

PNP out!

While I Was Gone...

Oh emm gee! You guys, I am thee worst! I'm sorry! I have been soooo busy and I have a good "excuse" I promise. So let's just get into it. Well, first I am just settling into a new job that requires me to work crazy hours. And while that's not a great "excuse" you guys have NO idea how demanding being an manager can be. It's like I have to worry about me AND my know what let me not get into the logistics. I do like my job though don't get me wrong, I get to work with sneakers and if this is not your first time on the site you know that I love sneakers. So there ya go!

WorkNext, I GOT MARRIED! Yes, yes, you read that right. Chuc got married and I couldn't be happier! So between physically being married and planning a "blessing of the union" ceremony I have had my pretty little plate full. But planning phasers are starting to wind down a bit so I'll be getting back into the swing of things sooner rather than later. Coach (my husband) is making sure I do better.



So getting back into the swing of things I will leave you with this: my good friends at Mak and D Talk Tv took the time out to sit down and talk with me about PNP recently and I had a ball! Make sure you guys visit their site, follow them on Twitter and show them some love. And you can click here to hear the interview.

The Return

Alright guys, haven't switched everything over to the "new" site yet but I couldn't leave you guys hanging with this one! So LeBron decided to go back to Cleveland. Did I think he was going to leave? No. Did I want him to leave? No. Am I pissed? Actually, no. I'm leaving all stats out of this one. It'll just really be what I think and how I feel. So here's what's going on.



Cleveland is a young team and right now LeBron is like a cradle robber. Andrew Wiggins just drafted, Kyrie Irving with only three years under his belt. I just didn't think Bron would want to go into a team still trying to mold themselves so to speak. But then I thought about it, this would be a good opportunity for "teaching". Kyrie and Andrew could learn a bit from Bron Bron. They can all compliment each other as well. And then if they get Kevin Love! Good Lord!

But Bron knows that it will be a process. He's said that he knows he's the "old head" and that they won't get a ring in the upcoming season. But as long as he knows what it is what can we say. I think that the whole Miami coming out party thing a few years ago (the one with the "not one, not two, not three..." speech) tastes a bit bitter in his mouth now.

I also had to think about some of the things that LeBron said about leaving Miami. In a nutshell he said that 1) going back to the Cavs was like coming home from college. He loved Miami and playing there and he even got two rings but it's nothing like coming home. Which leads me into 2) he wants to finish out where he started. He was born in Ohio. He grew up in Ohio. He started his basketball career in Ohio. So, back to Ohio he goes.

Everyone also talks about the open letter from Dan Gilbert and how LeBron shouldn't have went back because of that. For me, Gilbert was bitter so he wrote in his little journal and then decided to make his journal public. Nobody cares about your personal feelings sir. Obviously LeBron doesn't because he's back.

I am a little sad he left Miami. Anyone that knows me knows that I don't really have a favorite team. Just favorite players. We know I love LeBron (if this isn't your first time here then you know that's my dude). I also like D. Wade though. I like Mario Chalmers (inconsistent self) and Chris Bosh is a good player, he's just weird. But I'm not mad at all that he went to Cleveland. I would have liked to see him and Shabazz Napier play together though.

Sorry this wasn't so much of a rant guys. And no, I'm not going to be a Cleveland fan. We all know I have a baby crush on Kyrie (well maybe more than a baby crush) and I will watch the Cleveland games, but I will still be watching Miami.

Guess I'll just leave it at - long live the King.


A Little Break!

Moving Well guys, because I'm kind of bored and because I'm still using "HTML Codes for Dummies" and whatnot I have decided that I need an easier and better way to bring PNP to you guys! So, we are moving to SquareSpace!

I'm very excited for the move because I think it will make the site look so much better! But because we are moving that means no post for a few days while I get everything done. A bit of good news though, the blog posts AND PNP shop will all be on one site now! No more switching around from site to site.

So a little break for now! I'll be back soon! And it'll be bigger and better than ever!